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Artificial Intelligence in Business

49.99 SAR

“Artificial Intelligence in Business: From Theory to Practice” opens wide doors for its readers towards a deep understanding of the digital transformation shaping our world today. This work is not just a collection of insightful views but an enriching journey that promises to enhance our understanding of the technology of the future. As readers flip through its pages, they will find themselves on an exploratory journey into the depths of technology, emerging with a treasure trove of knowledge that enriches their vision of the future and enables them to shape its contours with confidence and strength.

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“The true essence of intelligence is the ability to achieve goals in the world,” stated Aristotle. Today, artificial intelligence is striking evidence of this essence, reshaping the business world in ways we never had in mind. In this book, we will take you on a cognitive journey through the depths of artificial intelligence and its expanding impact on business, inspired by the latest developments and strategies.
Our journey began by diving into the main language models, artificial intelligence engines capable of comprehending and generating language in ways that resemble human intelligence. By studying these models, we noticed how these technologies have become crucial to business development, revolutionizing communication and creativity.
Then, we will dive into how artificial intelligence impacts various aspects of business, such as business development, worldwide market restructuring, and changes in design and editing processes. We reveal how AI is reshaping the world of creativity, supported by practical examples and case studies demonstrating its diverse and innovative applications.
Also, we will discuss automation and its critical role in defining the future of work, showcasing how artificial intelligence can improve efficiency and enhance productivity in various sectors. In addition, we will address the ethical and economic challenges associated with implementing AI, emphasizing the need for effective and balanced strategies.